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2009 Kawasaki Concours 1400 with Hannigan Motorsports High Performance Sidecar.  This almost new, extremely clean outfit has only 2,500 miles on it and for those of you not familiar with a setup like this, here is a little background.


First, this is not your typical bike and sidecar.  This outfit was designed and built to compete on equal terms with the European sidecars that are rally raced throughout Europe, and until now, have only been available at great expense to those willing to brave the complexity and headaches of individually importing one to the USA.  Not only do these types of sidecars make your standard bike and sidecar look and perform like a Model-T in comparison, when raced against all forms of solo sport bikes in European Rally Racing they regularly post times in the overall top five. 


This is a PERFORMANCE bike and sidecar. Although its speed and handling will leave you astounded, this does not mean you have to ride it fast to enjoy the bike or realize the handling difference it can offer. The Concours 1400 and Hannigan HP sidecar is a very smooth, comfortable outfit that just happens to be able to hold it’s own with many solo sport bike riders if you want to have some fun.  (Shhhh, Don’t let the wife know how much fun you are going to have – let her believe that you only want this sidecar because it is the only practical way to take your son/daughter to school, transport grandma to the doctor or because your dog really needs it so he can let his tongue flap in the breeze).


Hannigan Motorsports is the only manufacturer in the United States making performance sidecars like this and the only bikes that they are designed for are the Kawasaki Ninja 1400 and Concours 1400.  To this date, Hannigan has only produced five of the Ninja outfits and our Concours is one of only two constructed in this exact same configuration.  I won’t take time to sing the praises of the C-14 because motorcycle testers and the magazines they write for have already given it awards and rated it as the best motorcycle in its class.  I will, however, describe what makes the bike’s conversion and this sidecar so special.


·        All three motorcycle wheels have been replaced by lightweight aluminum car wheels with 185/55/15 low-profile high-performance car tires.  Because a motorcycle sidecar outfit no longer leans, typical motorcycle tires only last a few thousand miles before the centers are worn out and need to be replaced.  Converting to wide low profile car tires not only last much longer, they stick like glue in corners and their large contact patch allows the bike to stop on a dime.

·        The stock front suspension of the Concours has been replaced by center hub steering. Center hub steering is about 150 times better than telescopic forks for sidecar use and about 100 times better than leading link front suspension. Center hub steering keeps the wide tire flat on the ground when turning and decreases turning effort to almost nothing.  The handling is impeccable and the typical sidecar pull to the left or right is nonexistent. The ability to adjust trail has also designed into their center hub steering.  This is an incredible feature, not found on even the best of the European outfits, which allows you to fine tune steering effort and response to your liking by either increasing or decreasing the front wheel’s trail.

·        As impressive as wide low profile wheels and the center hub front end is, the anti-sway bar is the icing on the cake. As part of the package, Hannigan includes an anti-sway bar that links the rear wheel and the sidecar wheel. What this does for handling is nothing short of amazing. The sway bar does the same thing it does for a sports car, it reduces body roll and increases traction. For a sidecar, this means that in a right-hand turn it is much harder to lift the sidecar, and in a left-hand turn there is much less weight transfer off the rear wheel of the bike. In simple terms, this means that this sidecar maintains traction, handles like no other sidecar, and can ride with all but the best ridden solo bikes through the turns. 

·        An intricate well designed sub frame has been constructed that reinforces and complements the motorcycle’s frame facilitating a very rigid and safe mating of the motorcycle and sidecar.  This is not your typical sidecar haphazardly attached to the motorcycle frame by four questionable U-clamps.  For those that appreciate engineering and art in metal, the first time you strip away the plastic bodywork of the motorcycle to expose the sub frame and the center hub front end to full view, you will begin to understand the passion that went into creating it.  

·        Although the Hannigan sidecar is incredibly sporty looking, it is also very comfortable and practical.  The interior is exceptionally well finished with an attention to detail not found in typical sidecars.  The seat has been ergonomically designed, is very comfortable, and has plenty of seat width and legroom for even the tallest and largest of passengers.  Besides the spacious carpeted cockpit featuring adjustable footrest, there is also a large, carpeted, locking trunk that easily accepts two full-face helmets, riding gear or anything else you want to keep safe.  Between the spacious cockpit, sidecar trunk and motorcycle saddlebag I will almost guarantee that you will never have to say, "we don’t have room for that" to your significant other. (Please note: Although both saddlebags come with the sale, only the left side will mount, the right side will not. The reason is that the outfit’s overall width was built to my personal preference and using both bags was a low priority for me).  Completing the sidecar’s features are Pia sidecar driving lights, a rear view mirror and a well fitting tonneau cover that snaps on to protect the interior when not carrying a passenger or when parked outside overnight.

·        Besides some saying that the stock Concours muffler looked like a Hoover vacuum cleaner, it was also mounted on the right side between the bike and sidecar exposing the passenger to possible burns and exhaust noise.  To correct the “ugly” factor and protect the passenger, the exhaust pipe was rerouted and an AreaP Carbon Fiber muffler was custom mounted to the left side of the bike.  Besides looking great and protecting the passenger it now sounds much better than stock and increases power without being loud. 

·        The front, rear and sidecar brakes have all been upgraded to Spiegler Stainless Steel Brake Lines

·        Due to the difference in rolling diameter between the stock wheels and the replacement car wheels/tires, a Speedohealer was installed.  The Speedohealer recalibrates the speedometer to be 100% accurate.  Another neat feature of the Speedohealer is the advanced top speed memory recall.  At the push of a button your true top speed is displayed on your factory speedometer.  

·        To keep you on track while on your around-the-world trips or when just exploring new roads around your home, the bike has a custom machined stainless steel GPS mount to facilitate quick and easy mounting of your GPS.  And to keep your tank from getting marred by belt buckles or zippers there is a color matched Mag-Knight tank protector already in place. 


Price at what I feel is very reasonable for this great looking outfit especially considering the rig’s exceptional as-new condition, very low miles, attention to detail, the well chosen accessories and performance capabilities this one has.  The following are the costs that would be involved with duplicating this setup.


  • 2009 Kawasaki Concours 1400


  • Hannigan Motorsport HP Sidecar Conversion


  • AreaP Carbon Fiber Muffler


  • Materials for Custom Rerouting of Exhaust Pipe


  • Design & Labor for Rerouting of Exhaust Pipe

many, many hours

  • Speedohealer


  • GPS Mount


  • Mag-Knight Tank Protector


  • Motorcycle Transport (conversion must be made at Hannigan’s Murry Kentucky location)


TOTAL (without motorcycle transport charges)



If you have any questions please do not hesitate to email them to me.  For those of you wishing, I would be happy to show this bike. (please contact me to set up a time).