High Perfomance Sidecars

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2001-02Black Champion Legend Side car w/ mounts and cover

Gel coat (in base price)
Motorcycle style wheel
Traditional body and fender styling
Spacious cockpit
Fully upholstered interior
Easy entry/exit
15 Minute state-of-the-art connect/disconnect mounting hardware
Upholstered bucket seat
Progressive coil damper suspension
Motorcycle style tail light
Legnd Integrated Disc Brake System
Legend T.I.L.T. (Tracking Increment Leanout Technology)
Legend Cover, tonneau, black

Specification: Value:
Overall width (sidecar only) 37"
Overall length 83"
Net weight 190 lbs.
Ground clearance 8"
Hip room 20"
Leg room 49"
Load capacity 450 lbs.
Tire size MT 90-16
Motorcycle engine size 750 cc and larger
Trunk Capacity 4.5 CF
Great condition except for one small cosmetic crack in the body near the windshiled. very minor though.

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