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92 K100RS 4v /EZS Rally sidecar.

55k miles.

The original owner and assembler was a BMW tech, he removed the abs and sorted a lot of the rig out.

Lots of fresh things in last 2 years from previous owner; clutch, cam chain follower, fuel pump and filter, spline lube, etc., etc.

Comes with lots of extras; A transmission and final drive, a top that hasn't been installed, both short and taller windshields.

I put the taller shield on it as that will work better for a dog.

Since I've had it I've removed the sway bar that the previous owner had installed it wasn't adding anything to the handling except weight and complexity.
I've installed BMW KLT bars, changed to nicer driving lights, Linex pickup truck bed liner coated the chair bottom.

Simplified the braking system, Added a new Tonneau cover with a zippered dog hatch, flushed all the lubricants.

It's a pearl white with some pin stripping and you've never seen a cleaner KRS.

I'm asking 12,500 or best offer

Contact David Bigelow davebig01@gmail.com or 507 272 5263


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