High Perfomance Sidecars

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Yamaha FJ1200 with a EML Speed 2000 Sidecar.


This High Performance Rick is very fast and runs great.

The EML Speed 2000 Sidecar Kit includes car tires, subframe, swingarm ,new frontend  and sidecar .

This one has a second gastank under the sidecar, heated gripps and superbike handlebar.

I am the second owner and have this Bike since 1995.

It runs very well and is a head turner everywhere i go.

After 27 years of course ,it has some rockchips and scratches but still looks good and runs strong.

It is a low mileage Bike for his age because I always had several Bikes and you only can ride one at the time.

This Sidecar conversion is a  EML Kit and  professionaly build in Germany by a EML Dealer.

I imported this Bike with my move to the States 20 years ago.

EML is the leading Sidecar Manufacturing in Europe.
They donít bolt the sidecar on a bike with some flimsy mounts.
The hole Rick is engineered for stability and comfort.
Like new steal swingarm in the back , a subframe who connects the left and right frame side from the bike,
Very fine ajusted suspension special for sidecar, new front end ,  and and and.
The car tires coast one third of the motorcycle tires and last 5 times longer.
And on top the bike rides like a dream with them.
If you ever rode a cheap sidecar rick and you sitting on this you will be super surprised.
The sidecar kit is still on the marked and is running around $12000.00 !! Without the Bike.

You can get this Bike way way below the Price from the Kit alone.

I am asking $8500.00 for it.

Hubert  Text me at 239 826 9667


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