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Moto Guzzi T3 Sidecar Rig




1976 850 T3 sidecar with 29+K miles. Engine has a big bore iron liner kit that was installed at about 18K miles. 36mm Del Orto pumpers added at the same time. New exhaust pipes and mufflers. New rear Hagon shocks, Falcon shocks for Unit Leading Link suspension revalved and rebuilt. New starter and relay, new hd battery cables, new Odyssey battery. New 7/33 rear drive gearing, new seals and bearings, properly shimmed, new drive shaft coupler.

Replaced clutch and new 4mm hub, new clutch springs, replaced swing arm bearings and seals, replaced front and rear trans seals, replaced u joint with hd unit with bearing,, new flex boot. Fairly new Metzler sidecar style tires. Front and rear wheel bearings were changed with the tires.


Switches and handlebar wiring replaced with new modern units. Added hi visibility Denali lighting, new Voxbell horns.


Added 1 gal aux fuel tank in trunk (not plumbed)


Brakes are rebuilt with new pistons and seals and pads, rotors were surfaced, honed and rebuilt rear master cylinder, new Nissin front master cylinder, new stainless brake lines.


The sidecar is a Champion Escort fitted with a DMC subframe installation kit. The sidecar has a shortened windshield installed. It comes with a new original tall windshield, roof bows, top, and side curtains as well   Sidecar has a new Progressive shock and new tire fitted.


This rig can maintain highway speeds but is more fun on country roads. It is set up very well and handles excellent. All the servicing is current; it needs nothing. A service logbook will be supplied  with the sale.


I have a signed title in my name and the rig is currently registered in RI. RI does not supply titles before 2000.


NB  The special riding companion is not being sold with the rig, for illustration purposes only; you’ll have to get your own.



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