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2002 Suzuki Bandit Hannigan HP sidecar




2002 Suzuki Bandit mated to a Hannigan HP sidecar – rig has center hub steering.  I purchased this about 2 years ago and replaced tires all around; had carbs synched; valves adjusted; taller handlebars installed with longer lines as needed.  The bars give me a more upright sitting position than the Bandit stock bars did.  Also, in an effort to “unfold” myself I installed slightly lowered footpegs and had a slightly taller seat cushion built up.  I am 6’2”/180lbs and sit the rig very comfortably.  There is a taller windscreen than stock installed that provides good protection from the wind at speed.

 The primary chain sprocket is one tooth less than stock and provides excellent low end “gearing” for the added weight of the sidecar.  It has alloy car wheels on all three corners; disc brakes on all three wheels; HD swaybar.  Sidecar has a tonneau cover.

 Motorcycle has approximately 26,000 miles on it and runs perfectly.  Paint is in excellent condition. There are no know issues with the rig – it tracks true and hugs the road.  Lots of internet info on the Ballou/McSheehy CHS rigs thru Hannigan out there for you to research…top flight rigs!

 Workshop manual for the cycle and owners manual included.


 Located in central Indiana.

 Email with questions and/or interest:



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