High Perfomance Sidecars

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About five years ago I was at the national Sidecar rally in Arkansas and ran into some people from Vermont riding some bikes that were built by Hannigan Motorsports (Bill Ballou design). I wanted one so bad I could taste and it took me years to find one.

I got the bike from Bill Bigelow in Minnesota, he had it advertised on high-speed Sidecar website and after six months of talking we finally came to an arrangement. We met in Kansas City and made the trade. I was on my way home to Texas headed south on 35 and a rain storm came up and someone heading north on 35, the other side of the highway, hydroplaned across the median and slammed into the trailer. It ripped trailer and Sidecar off the back of the pickup truck. He was going 70 one-way and I was going 70 the other. It was not pretty, the bike stayed on the trailer and the trailer did not flip although it wound up about a quarter mile from where I was. I wanted to bike so bad, I hadnít owned it for 30 minutes!

The bike was so well-built, the center hub steering and the custom frame set up down both sides of the motorcycle were not damaged at all.  The sidecar suffered some cosmetic damage and the motorcycle had some valve cover damage. But, as the car went down the side of the trailer it ripped the rear wheel and the driveshaft off the BMW. We couldnít find them and neither could the police.

I bought the hack back from insurance company and brought it home to Texas. One of my best friends, Sandy Denham, a professional industrial maintenance man by trade had just retired. With his help and his attention to detail, the bike was completely torn apart. Every bearing was replaced, every line it was rebuilt, everything was sent to Cad and powder coating for refinishing.

 My expectations were exceeded. The bike handles so well, you wouldnít even know youíre riding a hack. Iíve owned a few Sidecars and I didnít realize how well a rig could handle. I still have a few things to do. The saddlebags for the back of the bike and a tour pack. Planning on touring this next year Iím retiring around Christmas time.

Would like to thank Bill Ballou for his help, he went out of his way to send me blueprints with some of the parts that need to be machined and replaced. Losing that rear wheel was a real pain. Also thanks to Sandy Denham  and Perry Bouchon (Hope I spelled that right itís the Perry that had Sidecars and things In Fort Worth had been helping me all through my Sidecar life fine man RIP)


Hope to see yíall along the road Doc Sundin, Texas